Wow! What a busy bank holiday weekend! I’ve not been able to do any proper cooking or baking seeing as we have no kitchen at the moment but I did manage to whip up this delicious vegan chocolate mousse that you can use up chunks of your leftover Easter eggs in! This mousse also works really well layered on top of a nutty cheesecake base and in between chocolate casein pudding but it’s also just perfect on its own.

So, my vegan chocolate mousse recipe has a few secret ingredients that you might not expect – avocado and coconut cream. These ingredients make the mousse high in fat and calories but it contains the ‘good fats’ we’re told about such as mono-unsaturated avocado oil and the medium-chain triglycerides in the coconut oil so, in moderation, will be good for you as well as being one of your 5-a-day – bonus!

As I’m not vegan myself I did swap a few ingredients from the vegan ones here to some non-vegan alternatives I have in my store cupboard so feel free to make it just how you like it! Obviously, not all Easter eggs are vegan so make sure you look out for dark chocolate that doesn’t contain any added milk powder or solids if you’re vegan or are planning on feeding it to any vegan friends! One thing is true though – whether you’re vegan or not, this vegan chocolate mousse is delicious and it’s possibly the easiest recipe I’ve ever written!


Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe (Serves 1-2)


1/2 ripe avocado, de-stoned and skinned
1 heaped tbsp coconut cream (I use the one in the tetra pack but you can skim the solids off the top of a tin of coconut milk)
1 tbsp maple/agave syrup (I used honey as a non-vegan alternative)
5 Vanilla Flavdrops (MyProtein) – alternatively add more agave/ maple/ honey
1 tbsp cocoa powder
25g chocolate of choice

  1. Place all the ingredients except the chocolate in a bowl and blend using a stalk blender until completely smooth.
  2. Check the sweetness and add a little more sweetener if required.
  3. Chop the Easter egg chocolate up into chunks and stir it into the mousse.
  4. Spoon into serving bowls (this recipe will do one large serving or two smaller ones) and chill completely in the fridge.
  5. Top with chocolate shavings and dig in – delicious!


Calories: 418kcal
Carbohydrates: 37g
Protein: 5.1g
Fat: 29.5g