Private Pole Fitness, Aerial Sling or Flexibility Lesson Aerial Asylum (60 min)


A 60 minute private pole fitness, pole silks, aerial sling or flexibility lesson with Lucy at Aerial Asylum, Unit 8, Riverside Business Park, New Passage Hill, Devonport, PL1 4SN



One hour private lesson with Lucy at Aerial Asylum to work on anything pole, pole silks, beginners aerial sling, floorwork or stretch-related (or a mixture) you desire and at any level from complete beginner to advanced. Lucy will tailor the session to your needs and will be in contact upon booking to discuss what you’d like to cover in your session. These sessions are usually available Wednesdays 4:45pm and Thursdays 6pm but please email Lucy beforehand to check that your preferred date is available.

Private pole fitness lessons may include one or more of the following:
– Beginner inductions
– Mixed bag of spins and tricks suited to your level
– Spinning pole
– Lollipop pole
– Pole silks
– Flow and floorwork
– Choreography assistance for upcoming performances and gradings
–  A mix of both pole and flexibility work to help keep you supple and strong

Beginners Aerial Sling sessions may include:
– Aerial sling basics
– Pretty sling moves and transitions
-Sling flow

Flexibility sessions may include the following: 
– A mix of strengthening and stretching of the major muscles
– A sessions tailored to the flexibility required for one or more pole or aerial moves (i.e rainbow marchenko on the pole or a flexy scarab on the hoop)
– A session dedicated specifically to splits and improving hip flexibility
– A session dedicated purely to back and shoulder flexibility

This hour long session can be shared with up to 2 other people and costs just £30.

Please note that the sessions that take place on chrome poles will require shorts, a vest top and crop top but please wear warm layers on top, please do not apply moisturiser on the day of your lesson. If it is your first session at the studio you will be asked to fill out a PARQ on arrival.
For aerial sling and pole silks leggings and a t-shirt which covers your armpits is advisable although shorts may be required for pole silks.
Please arrive 10 minutes early for your session to make sure the class can start on time but do not arrive too early as you may be disrupting another class or instructor training time.
For flexibility classes please ensure that you have PLENTY of warm layers and bring a drink.

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