Lucy has been producing personalised diet plans for clients since June 2016 and has a long list of clients currently using her diet plans to achieve their diet, weight and body shape goals. From clients wanting a more nutritious diet, help alleviate a medical condition, gain muscle, lose fat or just for something to complement and sustain their active lifestyle, a personalised diet plan can be for everyone in need of diet advice and guidance.

A personalised diet plan is a great way to get a diet plan tailored specifically to your needs, your goals and your lifestyle. Extensive research over the past 18 months has shown that the most successful customers on these plans are those who meet regularly with Lucy and keep in contact throughout the plan, committing to a mid-plan weigh in to track their progress. Therefore we have changed the pricing structure to accommodate different budgets and levels of autonomy throughout the plans and will now be offering basic, premium and long-term support for customers.



1. Order your plan online

Order your personalised diet plan

Book your diet plan via the online shop. Ensure you use an email that you check regularly as this is what you will be contacted via. Don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions.

2. The initial consultation

Personalised diet plan the initial consultation

You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and health and also your body measurements. If you are in the Plymouth area this stage will be done face-to-face if possible.

3. The food diary

Personalised diet plan the food diary

You will then be asked to keep a diary of everything you eat and drink for 7 consecutive days, this allows Lucy to create a plan that is as close to your lifestyle as possible.

4. The diet plan

Personalised diet plan the diet plan

Lucy will work her magic to create your very own personalised diet plan to follow for 8 weeks and email it to you along with a healthy gluten free brownie or vegan bliss balls recipe.

5. Email Support

Personalised diet plan email support

Basic diet plan customers will have email support and help throughout their plan. On top of this, premium customers will be emailed once a week to check their progress and be invited for a mid-plan weigh-in.

6. Amazing things happen

Personalised diet plan amazing things happen

Work hard, stick to your plan and amazing things will happen to your body and mind during this time! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

7. The follow-up consultation

Personalised diet plan the follow up consultation

Lucy will contact you and either ask to meet for a follow up consultation where she will have a chat and re-take your measurements or ask you to re-take your measurements if you are unable to come in for a face-to-face consultation.

8. The results

Personalised diet plan the results

Finally, Lucy will present your results to you in a beautiful PDF full or graphs and charts to show off your hard work. Basic personalised diet plan customers will then get a new set of macros to work from, premium diet plan customers will get their diet plan fully tweaked to their new macros.

Personalised Diet Plan Options & Prices