Have you ever been in the position where you’re going to thy gym, getting plenty of exercise but still, when you look in the mirror, nothing has changed?

This is where SO many people give up, thinking that exercise isn’t working any more. Instead it might be time to take a look at your diet to keep seeing improvements. So, diet vs exercise – which is more important?

A well quoted number is that only 30% of appearance is exercise-related yet a huge 70% is down to diet and nutrition. It’s the reason why just changing diet alone can make a difference to body composition without stepping foot in a gym. This is particularly important in today’s increasingly busy world where we’re struggling to fit a structured exercise regime in but still want to look after our appearance.

Here at Pole Fit & Flexy we’re dedicated to helping you achieve all your goals from building muscle, improving strength as well as fat loss. We use the latest nutrition research to create recipes and diet plans to help you along the way and are here to keep you motivated the whole way through. Our plans work around your lifestyle so, no matter how busy you are, you can still achieve your goals.

Your diet doesn’t have to be strict or boring to have beneficial effects.

Unless you’re at the very top end of the game (physique modelling, bodybuilding etc) then just a few simple changes to your diet can have a massive impact on your body composition.

It’s as simple as working out how many calories you need and making sure you get fewer than you need. This puts your body in a calorie deficit which means it is forced to use fat stores as an energy source rather than the food you’re eating. Obviously there are benefits to making sure these foods are healthy rather than getting all your daily calories from junk or convenience foods.

Healthy foods

Think of your diet as your body’s fuel.

You need to give your body the right nutrients for what you want it to do. The right energy to keep you going (too little you won’t be performing at your best, too much and you’ll be gaining weight), the right amount of carbohydrates for your body to use as fuel and the right amount of protein to repair the muscles you’ve used. If you’re fuelling your body correctly then getting the body composition you’re looking for is easy.

This is where we’ll help. You’ll get your optimum macronutrient intake numbers that you can work from or a diet plan which aims to stick to that macronutrient guide – the more different ways we give you to stick to your plan, the more successful you’ll be.

How a structured diet plan can help you achieve your goals.

A Pole Fit & Flexy diet plan is completely tailored to your needs and to meet your body composition goal in a measured and realistic way. As well as a complete 7-day plan you will also have a list of food swaps to help you make heathier decisions to help make meals which aren’t on the plan healthier and more plan-friendly. Use the buttons below to find out more information.

Although, for optimum body composition, exercise shouldn’t be neglected.

Whether you just exercise without paying much attention to your diet… or you diet but think being sat down all day is ok as long as the scales are still dropping whilst on the latest fad diet… either way, there becomes a point where you will hit a plateau.

Most people diet because they want to look ‘toned’ and see an improvement in their appearance as well as in their health. Changing your diet you can keep steadily losing weight but to really look lean and toned exercise is key. Exercise can tone and build muscle and increase metabolism whereas dieting alone reduces metabolism. Remember that we also have several different workout plans available to download on the website from ones you can do at home to gym-based muscle-building and fat-loss plans.

Pole Fitness – tone up, get fit, have fun.

Likewise, just going to a single exercise class a week isn’t going to do a lot if you sit down for the rest of the week and have a poor diet. Try to find something you enjoy doing that keeps you fit and motivated.

If you haven’t already tried it, then pole fitness is my favourite way to keep fit, toned, build strength, improve self-confidence, meet new people and have fun! Use the button below to enquire about our awesome pole fitness classes at The Art of Dance, just of Mutley Plain in Plymouth.

Beginner inductions are every Friday evening at 7:30pm, private individual and group bookings are available for all ages and abilities from complete beginner to advanced level students daytimes, late evenings and weekends. Timetabled classes can be found here.